Book launch (with poetry reading) of Ivanna Baranova’s Continuum

Jacob Lindgren @ 2023-10-18 12:05:39 -0500
Join us! 📚 this Saturday (October 21st), at 6pm, for the launch (with poetry reading) of Ivanna Baranova’s Continuum, published by @metatronpress 🌀🔭 @ivanna.jpg will be joined by Izzy Boutiette (@isabelka______ ) for a chat/Q&A

🪐🗝🧰 Oscillating between existential enormity and the “tiny electronic mess” of the self, Continuum telescopes temporal vastness into sharp utterance. Keenly perceptive and sonically incantatory, Continuum follows the porous “I” across elastic thresholds of past, present, and future. When “every rational option” tries and fails, Baranova challenges us to embrace irrational options. Lovingly dialogic, this collection bears witness to ongoing destruction and renewal, offering transformational visions of the future that refuse neat resolution. Baranova enjoins us to will these futures a reality. If language creates us, Continuum’s poetics are a testament to the limitless possibilities of making and remaking the self.

🧵 Ivanna Baranova is a writer, editor, teacher, and artist from the Pacific Northwest living in Los Angeles. She is the author of Confirmation Bias (Metatron Press, 2019) and Creative Communications Coordinator at the Poetry Project.