Bosque de Cantares: Murmullos Mexicanos book launch

Jacob Lindgren @ 2023-04-10 18:44:21 -0500
On Saturday, April 15th at 5pm, Inga will host Guillermo Garcia Pérez, author of recently released Bosque de Cantares: Murmullos Mexicanos (published by Gato Negro), for a book launch and discussion with Isaac Vasquez. The event will move between English and Spanish.

“Bosque de Cantares is a formless entity that threatens to unravel excessively codified historical episodes and, therefore, to allow new secret passages in time. Jumping freely between epochs and events (from the Tlaxcala Child Martyrs of 1527 to the Tzeltales of the twenty-first century, passing through Ignacio Castera's late seventeenth century urban conception or John Kenneth Turner's post-revolutionary Mexico), this series of fragmentary essays seeks to move the roles of Mexican anthropology, history, and literature, because it understands that only from that movement these roles can be repoliticized and serve as a toolbox.”