Inga turns four!

Jacob Lindgren @ 2023-09-02 18:12:59 -0500
✌️ Inga turns four! ✌️ Join us in H.A.G.S. (Had A Great Summer 🏁) festivities to celebrate 4️⃣ years of books, programming, and our wonderful reader-ship ⛴ on Sunday, September 3rd! 🌱 We will be open for book browsing from 1pm 📚👀 with tunes 🔊, cake cutting 🎂🌸, veggie skewer grilling 🍢, and refreshments 🧉 from 4pm until sunset 🌇 We’ll be launching some handmade ceramic and cyanotype bookmarks to commemorate our 4-year anniversary—come thru!🏺🌡️❤️‍🔥