Inhabiting the Library / Habitar la Biblioteca conversation

Jacob Lindgren @ 2024-03-18 10:36:39 -0500
Join us Sunday, March 24th, at 12:30pm for a conversation with Javiera Barrientos, Bel Olid, and Andrea Reed-Leal surrounding the Latin American collective book Inhabiting the Library (Habitar la Biblioteca) 📖 🪢 🧰 on libraries, intimacies, politics, and archives in war-conflicts.

"Part of this project is to make evident the inter-relationality and economics of knowledge exchange via the library—in our homes, with friends and institutions, we continually circulate knowledge. It is not only in the public library where we find and acquire books, it is also, and above all, from personal collections that collective networks are created. A tribute *to* books and the written word, the project recognizes libraries as emotional, creative, vulnerable, open and sites constantly in flux.” 🌀

📕 Javiera Barrientos is a book historian and bookbinder. She investigates the intersections between material culture, literary genres, and practices of colonial and postcolonial extractivism and bibliographic exchange. She is co-writer of Inhabiting the Library. @notasdearte

📗 Bel Olid is a language and Literature professor at the University of Chicago, they have also been very active as a translator of Catalan and, to a lesser extent, of Spanish, mainly of feminist literature and children's books. @bel_olid

📘 Andrea Reed-Leal is a historian and independent editor. She investigates the history of the book and libraries, female intellectuality, and objects as knowledge. She is the co-editor of Inhabiting the Library. @anreedl