Land.Place.Belonging. book launch + conversation

Jacob Lindgren @ 2024-01-08 13:30:50 -0600
Join us for the book launch of + a conversation (with Nance Klehm, Anjulie Rao and Lydia Cheshewalla) surrounding issue #1 of Land.Place.Belonging. 📚🌱 a collection of conversations with Nance Klehm of Social Ecologies with:

Journalist and critic Anjulie Rao calls for equitable stewardship of urban spaces, MarkMcIntyre speaks on New York City’s Clean Soil Bank, soil scientist S. Perl Egendorf champions creating technosoils for urban landscapes, Cornell extension agent and composter Kwesi Joseph sings the praises of soil mineralization, poet Timothy Otto tells a tale of repairing relationship with both contaminated land and his father and biogeochemist Johannes Lehmann shares his long history working with biochar.

✏️🌿 With ink illustrations by Julie Wu 🍪☕️ and sweet treats by Alma Lindgren (@almalindg) 🖨 Produced by Social Ecologies (@socialecologies)