Jacob Lindgren @ 2019-12-21 16:26:43 -0600
SOIL-LOOK, SOIL-LISTEN is a workshop with artist and ecologist Nance Klehm.

What is your relationship with our shared commons, the soil? Using our body tools of fingers, nose, and sight, we will access different soils' capacity to filter our urban environment's contaminated water and air and support our plants, animals and fungi. In this workshop, we will prepare slides with local soil samples and peer into a microscope to observe microorganisms and fungal threads. The short film: 'Soil Listen' by Katarzna Guzowska (2011) will be screened. Copies of Nance Klehm's new book, The Soil Keepers: Interviews with Practitioners on the Ground Beneath Our Feet, along with other publications, tinctures, and items will be available for purchase.

About Nance:

Nance Klehm has been an ecological systems designer, landscaper, horticultural consultant, and agroecological grower for almost three decades. Her approach is centered on instigating change by activating already existent communities, and her work demonstrates her lifelong commitment to redefining the way human populations coexist with plant and animal systems on this planet. She just release her first book, The Soil Keepers: interviews with practitioners on the ground beneath our feet Terra Fluxus, 2019.

Photo by Rowdy Lee Dugan for Hyperobjects - Mineral