Amalgam Op. III
Amalgam Journal
Sold Out
Amalgam Op. III
Amalgam Journal
Sold Out

Amalgam is an ad hoc transdisciplinary journal that explores the intersection of typography, language, and the visual arts. Designed and edited by Pouya Ahmadi.


Entry Point by Shiraz Abdullahi Gallab⁠⠀
Note for “Sensory Agents” by Yuko Mohri⁠⠀
Narrative Objects II by Devin King⁠⠀
The Library—Alternative Ways of Organizing Knowledge by Elham Namvar⁠⠀
Rebirths by Somnath Bhatt⁠⠀
Auto Poet: Pegah Ahmadi and Clifton Ritchie⁠⠀
🌙 Sailor Moon ⭐ Glitter Text+Graphic Design ✔️ by Nicole Killian⁠⠀
Conversation with Franziska Weitgruber⁠⠀
The Banality of Excel: Orthography, Grids, Colonization, Documents by Chris Lee⁠⠀
Ye by Golnar Adili⁠⠀
The Artist as Networker: Catalogs, Correspondence, and Netlinks by Mindy Seu⁠⠀
Get Out and Push: Trojan Horses and Other Vehicles for Meaning by Jacob Lindgren⁠⠀
Reflections on some approaches to type design education—with particular focus on collections-based teaching and learning for diverse writing-systems by Fiona Ross⁠⠀
The Concrete vs The Structural: A Prelude by Ben Duvall


192pp. 6.5 × 9 in.
Edition of 400
ISBN 978-0-9998333-2-2