Failed States Issue No. 3: Refuge
Failed States
Sold Out
Failed States Issue No. 3: Refuge
Failed States
Sold Out
Failed States is a publishing project that collates and investigates ideas around place, or more specifically: indeterminate geographies. As a continually evolving mode of research — in its oblique approach to geography, openness to possibility and curiosity as to what discrete responses might collectively reveal — Failed States is endeavouring to imagine, occupy and furnish another kind of space.

Each themed issue of the journal is an assemblage of innovative text and image by emerging and established writers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and academics. Rather than cultivate a house style, we strive to publish content that varies widely in intent, tone and realisation.

In the third issue, themed ‘refuge’:

- Photographs by Moath Alofi documenting remote, abandoned and makeshift mosques in Saudi Arabia
- An essay in words, photographs and ephemera by Felix Bazalgette on disparate lives in a village near Heathrow
- An erotic prose poem by Alex Bennett
- Paul Clinton considering the problem of queer ethics
- Gareth Evans on the Armenian genocide, diaspora and absence
- Britt Hill on the squats providing sanctuary for refugees in Athens
- Every Ocean Hughes on changing her name
- Stills from the Jasleen Kaur video installation I Keep Telling Them These Stories
- A short story by William Kherbek from the graveyard shift at ILoveItCafe
- A speculative tale by Joanne McNeil
- A selection from the Sabelo Mlangeni series Country Girls depicting queer life in rural South Africa
- New work by Prem Sahib documenting a derelict sauna prior to its demolition
- New work from a project by Sam Williams made at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
- A selection of drawings by Lucy Atherton, Todd Bura, Colter Jacobsen and Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings
- A very personal archive from the editors, recounting life in the early 2000s in San Francisco, a ‘city of refuge’, comprising photographic work by Jamie Atherton and an essay by Jeremy Atherton Lin originally published in Index magazine in 2003
- The debut of our first regular column, in which Bryony Quinn examines the etymology of the issue’s theme

Editor(s): Jamie Atherton, Jeremy Atherton Lin
Year: 2019
Pages: 142
Dimensions: 27.5 x 21 cm
Cover: Softcover
ISSN: 2515-5997 
Language: English