granular*1 still point
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granular*1 still point
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Since 2021, granular* is an independent, bilingual periodical in Chinese and English. Portrays the passage of time through various expressions.

Issue one, still point, born during the year of quarantine, is about the stillness of time.

granular* is a periodical

granular* is bilingual

granular* portrays the passage of time

granular* is irregular

granular* is endless

granular* is grain

granular* is personal

granular* perceives

granular* thinks

granular* explores

granular* narrates

granular* sometimes gets lost

granular* observes

granular* breathes

granular* whispers

granular* wanders

granular* is loosely connected

granular* sparkles in a moment

granular* matters

granular* is an isle

Author: Yu Wei
Year: 2021
Process: Risograph
Edition: 100
Language: English/Chinese