Avid Readers 4 Launch with Other Forms

Jacob Lindgren @ 2019-12-21 14:43:12 -0600
On August 18 from 5–7pm Inga will host Jack Henrie Fisher of Other Forms for the launch of Avid Readers 4: A Lecture on Reading. “Avid reader” is a collocation — a phrase of two or more words that accompany each other more often than would occur by chance. Avid Readers is an event to convene a group of different readers according to something other than chance, something like desire (the latin root of “avid”).

Avid Readers is an experiment in reprinting. Avid Readers is a script for the performance of a collective reading. It is an elliptical construction of a theme in print. Avid Readers reproduces not only words but also the typographic form of words in print. A poetics of reproduction demands that nothing is enlarged or reduced but precisely reprinted at an original scale. This is not a game exactly, it’s an adherence to the facts we are assembling. We read together not as a ritual but rather as the lucid collective enunciation of the texts assembled.

Avid Readers 4 — A Lecture on Reading — has to do with reading, with how to read and with the appearance and militant organization of the words we read together. Copies of Avid Readers 4 will be available in addition to Other Forms titles and Inga’s stock.