Bricks from the Kiln & Peak Picture Pixel Pile Book Launch + Screening

Jacob Lindgren @ 2019-12-21 15:53:45 -0600
Join us for a night of pre-launch, launch, and film screening! Featuring a shared thread of contributors and collaborators, mountains and mountaineer Reinhold Messner, Inga hosts the pre-launch of Bricks from the Kiln #4 with editor Andrew Lister and the book launch of ‘peak picture pixel pile’ by James Langdon and Jacob Lindgren. As each publication draws from shared mountain-facing topics and a relationship to Reinhold Messner, we will pair the dual launches with a screening of Werner Herzog’s 1984 short documentary The Dark Glow of the Mountains.

Bricks from the Kiln #4
Edited by Natalie Ferris, Bryony Quinn, Matthew Stuart
& Andrew Walsh‐Lister

Bricks from the Kiln circulate a transcription of Edgar Wind’s 1960 Reith Lecture ‘The Mechanization of Art’, complete with annotations / insertions / interruptions from BFTK#4 guest editors Natalie Ferris and Bryony Quinn. Preorders of BFTK#4, due for release in early 2020, will also be available.

BFTK#4 is published as event / publication, existing initially as a series of presentations and live events taking place across 2019/20, before being transcribed and supplemented as a printed issue. Event One took place at LCC in London on 5 June 2019 and featured a lineup of talks, readings, performances, papers and scores by Sophie Collins, J.R. Carpenter, Florian Roithmayr, James Langdon, Rebecca Collins, Karen Di Franco and James Bulley. Forthcoming events include an evening of talks and screenings by Maria Fusco and Joyce Dixon at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh in January 2020; and a presentation of material by Phil Baber in Amsterdam, also scheduled for early 2020.

peak picture pixel pile
by James Langdon
Designed and edited by James Langdon and Jacob Lindgren

Published by Inga, peak picture pixel pile is a book of photographs processed to look like their own histograms. Using Ansel Adams’s Zone System—a system developed by the photographer in the 1930s and 1940s for black and white photography in which the exposure of the negative, its chemical processing, and final printing are numerically calibrated, resulting in a kind of analog metadata—the book looks to photographs of mountains, Adams’s quintessential subject, to explore what it means when an image looks like itself in the abstract (in its histogram, or the graph representing the distribution of color values in the image).

The Dark Glow of the Mountains (Gasherbrum – Der Leuchtende Berg) is a TV documentary made in 1984 by German filmmaker Werner Herzog. It is about an expedition made by freestyle mountain climber Reinhold Messner—who features in or influenced contributions to both publications—and his partner Hans Kammerlander to climb Gasherbrum II and Gasherbrum I all in one trip without returning to base camp. The film is not so much concerned with showing the climb itself or giving guidelines on mountaineering, but seeks to reveal the inner motivation of the climbers. “Are these peaks and mountains not a quality buried deep within us?” Run time: 45 minutes