HELL/FORMAZIONE double feature screening

Jacob Lindgren @ 2024-05-04 11:59:53 -0500
Join us next Tuesday, May 7th, for HEEL/FORMAZIONE—a double feature film screening in conjunction with KLUB WRKR, a traveling exhibition by Kyle Bellucci Johanson (& co) composed of interactive media and custom-made furniture inspired by Alexander Rodchenko’s Workers’ Club. KLUB WRKR (open May 5th, from 3-6pm at Monk Parakeet) points to the oppositional forces of struggle and exploitation that form subjectivity, and centers the politics and economy of friendship as a method for revolutionary action.

Showing are OMICRON (1963)—between ironic science fiction, comedy, surrealism, television investigation, and journalism: a tale of "alienation" via the extraterrestrial possession of a factory worker's body—and RED ARMY/PFLP: DECLARATION OF WORLD WAR—a propaganda newsreel film promoting the Palestinian resistance via the the everyday banality of military training and slow-paced preparation exercises
for imminent battle. In both films, reading (on- and off-screen) plays a pivotal role.

Organized in collaboration with Will Lee. 🇵🇸🧰🛠🦠 We'll start at or shortly after 6pm, with an intermission at 8pm before the second film. Drinks on-site, BYOP 🍿