How To Treat a Body: Disability Reframed

Jacob Lindgren @ 2023-07-26 16:55:16 -0500
Friday, July 28th at 7pm join us in hosting the film program How To Treat a Body: Disability Reframed in collaboration with 6018|North. Programmed by Ana García Jácome and Caroline K. Ng, the program will consist of shorts diving into the experiences of disabled people around the medical institution and beyond and will be followed by a conversation with Sky Cubacub and Ana García Jácome.

Film Program:
Emily Beaney (UK), Deviant, 2021
Ana García Jácome (MX), Malitas, 2022
Trini Ibarra (MX), He sido muchas, 2021
Nur Matta (MX), Maldita lisiada, 2021
Radical Visibility Collective (US), Access Bitch, 2018
Marrok Sedgwick (US), People Like Me, 2019

😷 Masks required. This project is supported by 6018|North as part of the ongoing project Justice Hotel.