Limn the Distance book launch

Jacob Lindgren @ 2023-10-06 16:39:25 -0500
🌸⛰ To mark the launch of Limn the Distance, Rose will be at Inga Books reading alongside friend, writer and artist Lee Rae Walsh, bringing their individual poetics into a call and response on the themes of farming, collectivity, living and practice.

📙 Limn the Distance imagines decentralisation through personal narrative and the concentric communities of one mountain—from the radical sectarian shakers and experiments in communitarian living and small-scale farming that followed in their wake, to the life and legacy of poet Bernadette Mayer who lived nearby. Rose seeks movement away from rather than apart from major cities and art worlds, godheads and normative bodies as affirmative knowledge and value systems. Co-opting the essay, Limn the Distances uses poetics, autobiography and the fragmentary mode as a proposition for communitarian and decentralised practice in art-making and poetry.

🌾 Rose Higham-Stainton is a writer and critic whose work is held in the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College and has been published widely, including by LA Review of Books, Texte Zur Kunst, Artforum, The White Review, Art Monthly, X-Tra, Bricks from the Kiln, Apollo, MAP Magazine and Worms. She has written several chapbooks and Limn the Distance is her first book, published this month by JOAN (@publishingjoan)

🌀 lee rae walsh is an artist-poet-photographer-teacher–researcher-facilitator-and-friend. They most recently organized Slowly and Surely with an Eternal Wing, an ongoing series bringing together artists, poets, lecturers and performers who use the stage as a place to truly, & messily practice. Their work is sundrenched and blurry, and happens in the hours of each little day.