11 x 17: Issues 1-8
Public Collectors
11 x 17: Issues 1-8
Public Collectors
11x17 is a periodical made from a folded sheet of 11x17 inch paper, with a different theme or focus for each issue. It is edited, designed and published by Public Collectors. Public Collectors was founded by Marc Fischer in 2007 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Building on QUARANZINE—the single sheet publication that Public Collectors produced at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, 11x17 also uses a single sheet format but this time it's the larger tabloid format. The periodical will be released in sequential sets. In addition to RISO and digital printing processes, various hand elements like stamping and stickers are also included in this run. Reprints are not planned and to preserve the surprise of opening each issue, only the front covers are shown. An indication of what's included in this set, from the insert card:

1: SHELF LIFE Folded sheets misbehave in the stacks.
2: CIRCUMSTANTIAL RECORD REVIEWS by Gabe Fowler. Real life, and also music.
3: DON BECK’S DRAWINGS Fantastical found creatures.
4: TACTICAL / FANATICAL White men are terrifying.
5: STAMP COLLECTION Hand-stamping with found trash.
6: SIGNS’ LANGUAGE Press photos of protests, dissected for language on signs held by the people.
7: STICKER DISPERSAL Thousands of stickers from one grab bag at an Arizona Goodwill store become publications.
8: PROTEST DRIVER: Photographs by Richard Marshall. Driving away on day one of the Gulf War.

Author: Public Collectors
Year: 2022
Pages: 32 total (8 separate folded sheets printed on both sides and one insert card sleeve)
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in folded, 11 x 17 each unfolded
Cover: Paper
Process: Risograph
Language: English
Found in: Chicago  Publishing  Risograph