Analog Cookbook - Volume III
Analog Cookbook
Analog Cookbook - Volume III
Analog Cookbook
Analog Cookbook is a biannual film journal and space for celluloid artists to be fearlessly weird, artistic, and relentless in the pursuit of visual storytelling. Inspired by the text Recipes for Disaster by Helen Hill, it was created to celebrate artists from all over the world who work with analog media while providing practical knowledge of celluloid filmmaking.

Table of Contents:
Untitled (Photogenic)//Mixed Media Collage / by Charlie Mirador
Altiplano//8 mm / by Felipe Bellocq
Flow State//8mm / by Avant Kinema
Self (Alchemy)//Recipe / by Azucena Losana
Background Material//16mm / by Britany Gunderson
Sorrow Shared//Recipe / by Gabby Sumney & Hogan Siedel
The Create Use of Tapes//Recipe / by Ignacio Tamarit
O Amor É Uma Ato Revolucionário//Super 8mm / by Ivan Salomão
Viola Vs. The Vampire King//Super 8mm / by Kevin Fermini
Infusion No. 1//16mm / by Lauren Henschel
Untitled (Car and Road)//35 mm / by Nolan Barry
Cochineal in Analog Film Photography//Recipe / by Pablo Martinez-Zarate
35mm Stills / by Robert C. Banks
The Lost Leaders Project//Essay / by Matt Soar
Into the Zone (Anthology of Accounts Findings)//16mm / by Rachel Guardiola
Snapshots//16mm / by Robyn Ehrlich
Artist Profile//35 mm / by Rita Harper
Scenes from a Transient Home//Super 8mm / by Roger Horn
Lumen//Super 8mm / by Sarah Seené
Grand-Maman Piano//Super 8mm / by Guillaume Vallée
Commute//16mm / by Scott Lazer
Between Two Worlds: A Guide on Multi-Exposing Super 8mm Film//Recipe / by Tom Schulte
Studying Degradation in Disaster//Essay / by Zoe Grace Marquedant
Artist Profile //35mm and 120mm / by Roxy Beat

Analog Cookbook was started by Kate E. Hinshaw, a tactile filmmaker and cinematographer who shoots and destroys 16mm and super 8mm film through bleaching, scratching, and burning the emulsion. She also teaches camera workshops at The University of Colorado at Boulder and teaches community-based S8 + 16mm workshops in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer.

Author(s): Various
Editor: Kate E. Hinshaw
Year: 2020
Pages: 108
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.
Cover: Softcover
Language: English