Reworking Labor
Radical Politics & Feminisms SAIC Galleries
Reworking Labor
Radical Politics & Feminisms SAIC Galleries
Will there be enough work in the future?
What happens to essential workers during the next pandemic?
Will robots replace care workers?
What's required for a healthy work life, environment, and planet?

REWORKING LABOR explores the challenging new landscape of work and labor, issues of contemporary labor, and new forms of creative collaboration.

REWORKING LABOR, the three-part curatorial research project - international symposium, exhibition, and publication - presented contemporary representations of work and labor, highlighted maintenance and care work, social reproduction, and the future forms of work. Coming shortly after the close of the exhibition at the SAIC Sullivan Galleries in December 2019, the transboundary Covid-19 crisis, affected and reconfigured all elements of our social system, forcing far-reaching reevaluations in our relation to work. With this new book, the contributors take the crisis as a starting point, considering these changes and what they mean for a new generation

Author(s): Various
Editor(s): Dan Eisenberg, Ellen Rothenberg
Year: 2023
Pages: 248
Cover: Softcover
ISBN: 979-8-218-12579-0
Language: English
Found in: Art Writing  Exhibitions  Labor